Fundraising Chair

In 2016, the Town of Arnold’s Cove will be hosting a year-long series of commemoration events marking some 50 years since the resettlement of the Placentia Bay islands. The Town has undertaken a feasibility study conducted by a third-party consulting group and has crafted a comprehensive implementation and marketing plan to carry out this ambitious agenda.

Stories of Resettlement is the theme of next years’ slate of programs, however, we are confident that many of the activities and archival information curated over the next 14-16 months will appeal to residents and tourists for many years to come. It is our intent to establish the Town of Arnold’s Cove as the repository, authority, and focus of Resettlement in the province and a key tourist destination.

Some of the events scheduled to take place throughout the year will include:


Throughout the process, the Town Council and 50 Year Resettlement Commemoration Committee has ensured that expectations and financial obligations are realistic and any activities undertaken are to be sustainable over the long term. To that end, we have been able to leverage financial assistance from both the Provincial and Federal Governments to get us to this point.

We now want to extend to you and your organization an opportunity to participate in this exciting initiative through corporate sponsorship and/or volunteerism. We have a number of ways that you can contribute and ensure your brand is associated with this historically significant and fun-filled program for 2016 and beyond!

Of course, we would encourage and welcome your feedback and any support you feel that your organization can provide. Any and all contributions will be appreciated and duly acknowledged. Thank you!



Aiden Wadman
Sponsorship Chair

How You Can Participate