Mayor’s Welcome

BasilCrop2016 marks 50 years since the government program to resettle residents from small isolated locations to growth centers. Arnold’s Cove was designated one of these growth centers and in a three year period from 1966 to 1968, the community grew from a population of approximately 250 residents to over 1,200. These residents resettled mostly from islands in Placentia Bay and nearly 120 houses where floated into Arnold’s Cove, creating a new town and life.

This year our Town plans a year-long series of events to commemorate the growth of our community. A committee has being working for over a year to plan events that will feature our heritage, history, culture and music. A major event is planned for each month and the 2016 Resettlement Festival will take place from July 21 -31, 2016.

Arnold’s Cove has grown to be the major service center in our area with all the amenities of a much larger town. We are located in the heart of the oil industry in Newfoundland, and out fishery roots are still apparent with a modern fish plant. Whether you are from Arnold’s Cove or visiting from away, follow us through our new web site, Facebook page and Twitter account. For residents, relatives, visitors and friends, mark you calendars and take part in some of the events. All are welcome to our Town!


Basil Daley

Mayor, Town of Arnold’s Cove