Committee Welcome

Greetings and welcome to Arnold’s Cove Stories of Resettlement 2016!

As co chairs of the Arnold’s Cove Resettlement Commemoration Committee we are pleased to invite you to participate in a yearlong event which will reflect where we have come in the 50 years since so many island communities were resettled to the mainland of this province.

The Resettlement Commemoration Year will offer the opportunity to interpret the Placentia Bay resettlement experience and how a generation was shaped by the experience – in art, culture, education, employment and a deep attachment to home.

The role of the Resettlement Committee is to oversee the development and implementation of a number of experiences relating to resettlement through 2016, starting with our official opening in January. Each month there will be opportunities for area residents and visitors to be involved in events which have some connection to resettlement. For example, in March 2016 the March Hare will be coming to town, its performers reflecting their Placentia Bay roots. In July, there is the Resettlement Festival, ten days of music, art, heritage and fun, ending with our annual Fog Festival, featuring Shanneyganock , in August we will featuring resettlement monologues.

Heartfelt thanks go out to our sponsors and volunteers whose unwavering support will ensure that the 2016 calendar of events will be a resounding success well into the future. Your past, present and future commitment of time, commitment and resources are greatly appreciated.

We hope you will join us in this commemoration year, to learn and experience, to laugh and to meet up with old friends, and greet visitors who are new to the experience of resettlement. Like us on Facebook, keep watching our web page for upcoming events and come see us during 2016.

Fay Matthews
Judy Kelly